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The Roosevelt School Counseling Department is an important and integral component of the total school program and supports the mission and goals established for all students for the schools served. The Roosevelt School Counseling Department provides comprehensive services that adhere to the American School Counseling Association’s (ASCA) Comprehensive School Counseling Model – addressing students’ academic, career and social/personal development. Students are assigned to a counselor and remain with that counselor until graduation from the specific school. This assures continuity of services and enables counselors to establish a personal relationship that best addresses the developmental needs of the students.
The Roosevelt School District’s School Counseling Department emphasizes the relationship between student and counselor. Through a series of sequential and developmental activities, the counselor ensures that he/she is meaningfully involved with each student during each year of the secondary school experiences. In this way, the student is in the best position to learn, plan, and make positive decisions with the ongoing support and assistance of a school counselor who knows him/her well. 

The Roosevelt School Counselors are advisors, teachers, listeners, and the primary support persons who work with students and parents, both separately and together, on developmental and academic issues, course planning, the college selection process, and problem solving. School counselors respect the confidentiality of the relationship formed with students and their families. Roosevelt School Counselors seek to understand the expectations and concerns parents have and advise accordingly. School counselors and teachers work together closely to make the school experience a rich and rewarding one for each and every student.





Phone Number


Gerilyn Smith

Director of Guidance


(516) 345-7070

Minnie Livingston

A-EN Counselor


(516) 345-7075

Donna Craig

EO-L Counselor


(516) 345-7047

Giancarlo Mejia

M-RE Counselor


(516) 345-7234

Mikerlange Fleury

RF-Z Counselor


(516) 345-7235

Spencer Belcher


SMART Scholars Counselor

(516) 345-7377

Patricia Hinton



(516) 345-7070

Debbie Williams



(516) 345-7070






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