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Roosevelt Rising! 'A District of Distinction'


A Message from our Superintendent!!!
Superintendent Dr. Deborah L. Wortham 
    Dr. Deborah L. Wortham  
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Dear Roosevelt School District Family:
With great pleasure, I would like to welcome you to the inauguration of the 2015-2016 school year.
The Roosevelt Union Free School District administration, educators and community have, together, engineered an atmosphere for learning that provides our students with a pathway to succeed in our classrooms, as well as in college and their careers.  By working together, we have inspired, encouraged and prepared our learners to excel both in the classroom and throughout the community.
This past year has been a success for our District in many areas, all of which have resulted in better schools, educators and students.  From being named a District of Distinction by District Administration Magazine, to Centennial Avenue Elementary being taken off the list of Focus Schools and is now a school in Good Standing and Roosevelt High School being taken off the list of Persistently Struggling Schools, our hard work is providing tangible results that are testament to our community’s collective commitment to supporting our students’ achievements. Our efficacy principles have helped us stay focused and on task—our thoughts have determined our actions as we use visual tools to map our thinking!  By educating the whole child, we seek to provide each and every student with the resources and instruction needed to reach proficiency. Overall, we moved more students to levels 3 and 4 than last year and our community is determined to continue striving toward more success.

Success throughout last school year was only another step in what will be a continuous journey of learning and academic achievement. Through a reaffirmed and continued dedication to our students and community, we have begun actualizing our mission of Roosevelt's "Rising." Last year we established a mantra throughout the entire Roosevelt School District community: “We're all in.” That shared dedication to our students and schools is evidenced by the genuine excitement of carrying this forward into this upcoming school year. From our students and teachers, to the administration and local leaders, we are committed to improving our schools and community, and we truly are “All In...As Never Before” dedicated and motivated to see Roosevelt Rise!

We can see that success is no further than the horizon. We’ve achieved much to be proud of in a short time, but I know that as we look ahead, there is much more in store for our community. Through a continued and strengthened shared partnership, we will soar to the heights that we demand for our students today and the next generation. 
Roosevelt Rising.

Dr. Deborah L. Wortham

Superintendent of Schools

The Mission of the Roosevelt Union Free School District is to educate the whole child to excel, thereby ensuring achievement for all.  "Failure is Not an Option"
Vision Statement: We will become a proficient learning community and lead the nation with strong character.  

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