The Board of Education and our New Superintendent, Dr. Deborah Wortham thanks everyone who came out to the Roosevelt High School Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony!  It marked a significant milestone in the History of our district!  We were fortunate to have many dignitaries from the State of New York represented here.  In our presence we had Senator Charles Fuschillo, Deputy Speaker Earlene Hooper, Councilwoman Dorothy Goosby, Dr. Thomas Rogers, the BOCES Superintendent, Bishop Mackey, Bishop Elliott, Commissioner John King and many members of his cabinet.  The NYS take-over has ended!  


Roosevelt Welcomes Our New Superintendent!!!
Superintendent Dr. Deborah L. Wortham 
Dr. Deborah Wortham

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The Mission of the Roosevelt Union Free School District is to educate the whole child to excel, thereby ensuring achievement for all.  "Failure is Not an Option"

 Roosevelt Alma Mater

 CONGRATULATIONS!!! The Roosevelt Chess Club wins their seventh first place finish in the Chessnuts Chess Tournament! This is their seventh first place victory!  Check out the Interview: Meet-Long-Islands-Chess-Nuts#1
 and Congratulatory Letter from Senator Schumer!

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