June is Children’s Awareness Month

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    Dr. Solomon 
    Ms. Edith Davenport
    Asst. Principal 


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    Dear Roosevelt Community,

     It is with much excitement and anticipation that I welcome you to Centennial Avenue Elementary School. Our teachers stand ready to take on the challenging yet rewarding task of preparing all children to exceed Common Core Learning Standards and meet high expectations. As a community of educators we look forward to serving our students and families from the following research-based components which guide our educational practices, beliefs and define our Theory of Action for the 2018-2019 school year.

     We believe in the Six Principles for Effective Schools:

    1. A common Mission, Vision, goals and activities.
    2. Ensure achievement for all students with systems for intervention and prevention
    3. Collaborative teaming focused on teaching for learning
    4. Data-based decision making for continuous improvement
    5. Gaining active engagement from family and community
    6. Building sustainable leadership capacity

     We believe in the Whole Child Philosophy:

    The demands of the 21st century require a new approach to education to fully prepare students for college, career, and citizenship.  The whole child approach ensures that each student is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged. It sets the standard for comprehensive, sustainable school improvement and provides for long-term student success.

     We believe in Cultural Competence:

    Cultural competence is a key factor in enabling educators to be effective with students from cultures other than their own.  The teachers at Centennial school recognize how student outcomes can be improved by incorporating racial and ethnic minority contributions in curriculum and diversifying pedagogical practices. They see cultural competence as both a moral and ethical responsibility to create a welcoming environment for students to succeed.   

     We believe in the Efficacy Approach:

    Efficacy is the capacity to mobilize the effort of adults and children toward development. In our school, it will be the achievement of proficiency at targeted learning outcomes at each grade level which will determine development.  We will operationalize the Efficacy Principles in our school and learning communities as a major component towards sustaining an effective school while supporting whole child philosophies.


    We embrace a collective growth mindset to feed our students mentally in order to prepare them for college, career and entrepreneurship.  “Roosevelt Renaissance inspires us to reach higher to better ourselves, our schools, our community and most of all our students! We proudly take on the challenge to pursue academic mastery, strong character and cultural competence!

     We are Going from “Good to Great”

    Dr. B. Solomon



    Students at Centennial Avenue School are exposed to and are enriched by many extra curricular and in-school activities. Some of those include:

    • 25 Book Campaign
    • Annual Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration
    • Veteran’s Day Tribute
    • Annual Kwanzaa Celebration
    • Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Assembly
    • Annual Charles McIlwain African American History Tournament Grades 3-6
    • Science Exhibition
    • Authors’ Convention
    • Boys’ and Girls’ Empowerment Programs for 5th grade students
    • 90 minute Literacy Block featuring Mini Lesson/Readers’ Workshop/”Authors Chair”
    • 60 minute Math Block with integration of Science concepts and hands-on activities
    • Student Council
    • Cheerleading Squad
    • Safely Patrol
    • Boys’ and Girls’ Scouts of America
    • Daily Profile American and Hispanic History and Eagle Character Word
    • Collaborations with the local Sororities and Fraternities
    • Community affiliations
    • Active and committed  PTA 

    As always, we wish our students and staff much success now and in the future, failure is not an option!

    Dr. Barbara Solomon, Principal
    Ms. Edith Davenport, Asst. Principal 


Educator of the Week

  • Imani Watson

    My name is Imani Watson. I am a Second Grade Special Education teacher. As a graduate of the Roosevelt Union Free School District, I was passionate about coming back to work in my community. Since then I have tried to align my interactions with my students by the quote, "It takes a big heart to shape little minds." With this quote, I try to create a loving environment for my students to learn. The part of teaching I enjoy the most is watching how the children learn and grow throughout the school year. It is amazing to me to watch and reflect on the students they are when they enter my classroom in September to the children they are when they leave in June.

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Student of the Week

  • Omar Dawson

    Omar is a second grade student in Mrs. Ravenal and Miss Watson's class. Omar has excelled throughout the school year academically and socially. Omar has demonstrated leadership skills among his peers by encouraging his peers to always do their best. He is very eager to help his peers whenever they seek assistance. Omar is always up for a challenge and loves academic competitions. Omar aspires to be a police officer when he grows up. He is working toward that goal everyday by coming to school eager to learn and taking on all challenges.

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Women's History Month

I'm the first African American person to win the oscar for best supporting actress in a motion picture.----Hattie McDaniels

Spelling Bee 2019

  • Spelling Bee 2019

    Winner Grades 1-3: Danny Vanegas Mendez- Ms. Duggan's Class Winner Grades 4-6: Nyree Letlow- Mrs. Fox/Mr. Saltzman's Class Grade Level Winners: Grade 1: Jacobs Lopez Magana- Ms. Savva/Ms. King's Class Grade 2: Amiyah Dodson- Mrs. Ortiz's Class Grade 3: Danny Vanegas Mendez- Ms. Duggan's Class Grade 4: Donald Garcia- Mrs. Jacoby/Mrs. Pietroburgo's Class Grade 5: Anthony Salvador Ramos- Mrs. Shwonik's Class Grade 6: Nyree Letlow- Mrs. Fox/Mr. Saltzman's Class

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