Program Overview
    The “Pursuit of Excellence” After-School Program is designed to reinforce classroom teaching by enhancing students’ learning experiences with additional homework help, tutoring, test-prep, and hands-on demonstration.

    Focusing on the following:

    • Academics
    • Recreation
    • Enrichment

    The Pursuit of Excellence After-School Program's primary goal is to provide a conducive environment for safety and success for all students.

    • Hire appropriately trained supervisory staff and teachers
    • Parental consent is required, along with daily attendance
    • A parent or authorized adult will pick up students two hours after dismissal
    • Maintenance of a fifteen-to-one supervisory ratio
    • Secured entrances and exits from the program site

    Provide enhanced educational activities by integrating an educational support structure into each student’s schedule through:

    • A homework assistance program.
    • Tutoring in grade-related subjects such as math, reading, science, social studies, etc.

    Provide educational enrichment activities to supplement the regular education programs and to provide incentives for learning to include the following:

    • Computer instruction and practice
    • Club and group activities
    • Arts and crafts, and music instruction and/or appreciation activities

    Provide recreational activities including:

    • Team sports, tournaments, and skills contests
    • Individual and group physical fitness and health
    • Games including chess, checkers, etc.

    Provide interpersonal skills and self-esteem development as part of our student’s social development.

    This will be accomplished through the following:

    •Recognition programs •Activities •Contests•Creative Activities •Participation Awards •Motivational Speakers •Movies •Quarterly parent/community meetings •Foster Behavior and Attitudes •Improved Communication Skills •Improved Self Esteem