• Students from the Roosevelt Union Free School District visited Washington D.C. to see Obama’s Inauguration.  Some Fifth Grade students from Washington Rose, joined teachers Mrs. Stanley, Mrs. Charles-Brown, Mrs. Porter, and Ms. Camen on Monday, January 21, our chartered bus left 1am sharp. We arrived at the RFK Stadium at 6am. We saw hundreds of buses filled with anxious Obama supporters. Shortly after arrival, we disembarked the bus and made our way to the Metro station, where we enjoyed a short train ride to the National Mall. Each of us received a commemorative Inauguration Metro ticket with President Obama’s picture on it.



    Upon coming out of the subway station, we saw swarms of people. Many were selling souvenirs, such as t-shirts, buttons, hats, magnets, etc.  We were so excited because this was the first time that many of the students in our group had ever visited Washington, D.C.  While walking through the crowds, we saw The Capitol Building and the Washington Monument.  We were located about half way between the two monuments. We found a grassy area near a “Jumbotron” screen and watched the second Presidential Inauguration of President Barack Obama. The atmosphere felt very patriotic as we proudly waved our American flags. Everyone had an enjoyable time. Afterwards, we had a delicious dinner at a nearby Golden Corral restaurant.


    Written by Ms. Camen