• The Chess Nuts in action

    The Roosevelt Chess Club wins their seventh first place in the Chessnuts Chess Tournament! This is their seventh first place victory!


    Our exceptional students from Ulysses Byas, Centennial Avenue and Washington Rose Elementary Schools and Roosevelt Middle School demonstrated their superior chess skills this past Saturday, May 11th, competing against the top chess programs from school districts across Long Island.


    The Roosevelt Chess Club was started 22 years ago by Centennial Avenue Elementary School art teacher Mr. William Evans. Students meet for practice every morning before school. We salute Mr. Evans for going above and beyond for our students.
    Check them out on NBC News:
    Congratulations to all of our students!


    1.       Oliver Rivas, grade 5, Centennial   

    2.       Katie Cole, grade 4, Centennial    

    3.       Nathalia Joya, grade 4, Centennial                           

    4.       Jasmine Alagna ,Grade 5, Centennial   

    5.       Warren Smith, grade 4, Centennial   

    6.       Henry Hernandez, Grade ,2  Washington Rose  

    7.       Anthony Hernandez, grade 5, Washington Rose                                         

    8.       Adisa Johnson, grade 5, U.B.  

    9.       Isaiah Willock, grade 5, U.B.  

    10.   Joshua Rivas, grade 3, U.B.   

    11.   Kevin Arriaza, grade 3, U.B.      

    12.   Alex Evora, grade 3, U.B.     

    13.   Joshua Livingston, grade 5 U.B.                

    14.   Anaya Archie grade 4 Centennial    

    15.   Sharif Brown, grade 6, Middle School