Marcela Rosales - The Absence - NALPW Equal Merit Prize Page

  • The Absence

    It saddens me at times, your memory,

    The taste of the fruit tree, because in your smell

    It gets entangled, it goes overripe with time.

    It has become tears.

    My heart longs for you, the taste of the aromas in childhood.

    My loneliness:  you like looking at old books,

    Love letters and dried flowers.

    Cici. Cici/  Are you moaning, turtledove,

    From the rice field?

    Look what you are doing to me with your singing,

    With your singing very badly!

    Field Lily, you smell of milk and roses!

    How the soul is so happy when life is serene.

    Do not touch it, do not call it.  Flee terrified.
    You will believe that it is stone, the broad in your hand.

    Do not touch the chuchito good, sad and

    Afflicted just because he has no owner.

    The scent of cane from the light breeze blows

    And there is the melody that would go,

    It is danced with the happiness of the breeze and there is joy with the moving leaf.

    I’ve seen them so sad, it’s hard for me to think.

    How sad they are, the eyes of the oxen, they can never cry!

    And they are always like this.

    Kiss them with their soft kisses.

Gerlin Pena - A Poem About My Mother Country - Adrienne Neuweiller Scholarship Award

  • A Poem About My Mother Country

     Hello, beautiful homeland, hello, beautiful blue and white earth and your little star

    Under your arms you have the most beautiful people,

    You were attacked, you were bled and

    You have always stood up to Enemies

    If you want to buy if your "h" is

    Silent, but you never get quiet:  with

    Fervor you have always proclaimed it,

    My name is "Honduras".

    I listen to water, I have love and a hundred

    "Honduras" inside my heart. I eat well,

    As this meal does not

    Change for nothing.


    by Gerlin Pena