• Dr. Marnie Hazelton
    Marnie Hazelton
    Dear Roosevelt Family,
    This is a tremendous victory for the entire Roosevelt Community! This is the result of all of our collective work, effort and commitment- to make the best decisions for our students. However, long and hard the road, this news places the District on an upward trajectory towards a renewed sense of academic excellence.
    Despite our success, this is no time for us to rest on our laurels. As we continue this great work, we need your help to continue increasing our achievement through rigorous and relevant instructional strategies and activities for our students. Let us continue to be innovative and challenge our students to construct and evaluate their own learning. Let us never forget, that “VICTORY” is in the classroom. Congratulations again, for not giving up on yourselves nor our students. 
    Dear Roosevelt Family,
    It is my humble honor to serve as Interim Superintendent of Schools for the 2015-2016 school year. I have a great and storied history of working in the Roosevelt Community and I will continue to support the growth and success of the entire community.
    My primary objective is to continue to support students, teachers, administrators, parents, and Board Trustees. My administrative team and I will ensure that highly qualified teachers will continue to academically challenge all students with rigorous instruction.  “Rigorous learning does not equate to difficulty, but to learning which is sufficiently and appropriately challenging for students.”
    Project Based Learning has been a successful initiative in grades 2-6, and it will now be expanded to grades K-12. We look forward to the District-wide Project Based Learning Week in February 2016.
    The very successful Back - to - School Fair kicked off the 2015/2016 school year with great momentum and high expectations. The Roosevelt Rough Riders have not lost that competitive spirit and the school year is only going to get better!
    The Roosevelt School District has so many reasons to celebrate and to look forward to a very bright and productive future:
    ·      Smart Scholars Program/District of Distinction Awardee
    ·      Parent Universities
    ·      Project Based Learning Week
    ·      Roosevelt Educator and Student of the Week
    ·      Curriculum Council
    ·      Scholarships to Saturday Reading and Writing Learning Clinic at Hofstra University
    ·      Field trips to see Broadway plays, The Museum of Mathematics and The Dance Theatre of Harlem
    ·      Roosevelt Chessnuts Chess Club
    ·      Robotics
    ·      After School programs – academics, coding, Regents Academy, Middle School Math academy, and K-12 debate teams
    ·      Saturday Academies
    ·        The White House Bright Spots in Hispanic Education recognition
    ·        Kwanza Celebrations
    ·        Hispanic Heritage Celebrations
    ·        U.S. Army JROTC (The Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps)
    ·        Increased graduation rate for Roosevelt High School students
    ·        Full-day Universal Pre Kindergarten
    ·        National Board Certified Teachers
    ·        Mac Labs
    ·        Saturday Conversations with the Superintendent
    ·        Mentoring programs
    Once again, thank you for this opportunity to serve the Roosevelt Union Free School District and I look forward to a very productive and successful school year.
    Carpe diem,
    Dr. Marnie Hazelton
    Superintendent of Schools