•  Meet our Roosevelt Student of the week!

    June 13, 2016
    Gabriella Diaz is a student in Ms. Savva’s first grade class at Centennial Avenue School. She is a model student and strives for excellence. She works hard and shows perseverance in all that she does. Gabriella always demonstrates respect and happily assists teachers and peers. Gabriella’s dream is to become a teacher one day. Congratulations on being the student of the week!
    June 6, 2016

    Briana Diaz is in Mrs. Ticali’s 5th grade class at Centennial Avenue School. Briana is a valuable citizen of both her class and her school. In class, she is always willing to help others, and she consistently does her best to complete all assignments with care. She is the first student in her class to achieve her goal of reading and responding to 25 books independently. Briana has never missed a homework assignment all year. She is dependable and responsible.


    In addition, Briana is an active member in school activities and clubs. She is a member of the school’s Eagle News Club. She also plays the clarinet in the School Band. Briana is also a valued member of our Student Council serving as the Vice President. Briana is deserving of being named Student of the Week.

    May 31, 2016 
     Yenis Saravia

    Yenis Saravia is a 5th grade student in Mrs. Ticali’s class at Centennial Avenue School. Yenis has been selected as Student of the Week because she is a role model for her classmates in many ways, especially when it comes to demonstrating our school’s P.R.I.D.E. characteristics.


    Yenis puts forth much effort in everything she does. Yenis is respectful towards all classmates and teachers. She can be depended on always to do her best. She arrives to school each day on time, prepared with completed homework. Yenis currently has 100% attendance this year. She is a fine citizen of Centennial Avenue School and deserves this recognition.

    May 23, 2016

    Kailya Watson is a young lady that takes her education very seriously. She is the epitome of a well-rounded student. Her course work is challenging and diverse. She has AP classes, honors, entrepreneurship, legal issues and music.

    Kailya is an active member of the track team and has played the clarinet in band since the 5th grade. Kailya's friends describe her as friendly, outgoing, smart, brave, spontaneous and caring.

    May  15, 2016
    We would like to celebrate Kevin Arriaza as our Student of the Week! Kevin is a responsible and well-mannered sixth grader in Ms. Swaby’s class at Ulysses Byas Elementary School. He is a hard worker who continues to be an honor roll student. When Kevin is not studying, he can be found enjoying his favorite hobby which is playing soccer. His advice to his peers would be to work and study hard daily. Congratulations and keep up the great work! 
    May 9, 2016 

     Ashely Fuentes

    Our Student of the Week is Ashley Fuentes, who is a third grader in Mrs. Sinclair’s class. Ashley is a very conscientious and hard- working student who is also sensitive towards her peers. Ashley enjoys motivating her peers, because she would like to become a teacher. We commend Ashley for consistently maintaining good grades and always lending a helping hand to her peers and teachers. Congratulations Ashley!!
     May 2, 2016
    Addison Williams  
    Addison is Kindergarten student at Washington Rose Elementary School. Addison has been very resilient and inspirational to many students and adults in the building. In spite of her challenges, she continues to push forward and exemplifies excellence. She is a very bright young lady and does not hesitate to speak to all passerbys. When you speak of that light that shines brightly and has an impact on everyone, you have to mention Addison. Congratulations on becoming student of the week. 
    April 18, 2016
    Chad Watt  
    Budding clothing designer, culinary artist and playwright Chadwyck Watt is a 9th grade Roosevelt High School student with many talents. His clothing has been seen across New York state and his cakes enjoyed by many. Chad's talent as a playwright recently won him a silver medal in the 2016 NAACP Afro-Academic Cultural Technological Scientific Olympics (ACT-SO). Congratulations, Chad!
     April 11, 2016
    This past Saturday, April 9th, Alyssa won  at the Local Competition for NAACP's Annual ACT-SO Talent Competition! Alyssa Furline, 9th grade, participated in both art and music. She will be moving on to the national  competition in Cincinnati, Ohio this July in the category of art! 
     April 4, 2016

    Isiah Bell is a success story in the making. He is selected as “The Student of the Week” because of his great progress and hard work to assimilate into the main stream of the educational norm. His specific learning style was enhanced by his participation in JROTC. The administrative staff was adamant about guiding teachers into getting the most out of each student – Isiah Bell was no different.

    Each of us has a propensity for looking, listening, or touching in order to learn. Furthermore, each of us has specific times of the day and environments in which we learn best. When Isiah Bell started getting his devised lesson plan, his attendance shot through the roof. His anger management was practically abated. He became an active member of the JROTC Drill Team. He took responsibility for the raising of the flag every morning. The raising of the flag requires him to be at school EVERY morning by 7:15 AM. He is working hard at being respectful to every authority figure. His grades are improving substantially.


    Ms. Patton, the principal of Roosevelt High School, helped to get several students, that were considered under-performers. She helped to get these students on the right path by framing these questions: How can teachers accommodate all students with different backgrounds and interests in their classroom and help them thrive and grow, academically and personally? How can they deepen their knowledge and expand the professional practice to enrich the learning experience for all students?


    A collaborative effort, by all that taught Isiah this year, saw Isiah flourish in his new found awareness. Since his (Isiah) face to face encounter with a tough, but loving administrator, his attitude and sense of purpose has changed for the better. Isiah is studying for the United States Army admittance test. Isiah has a desire to work as a team member and to become a productive citizen in society. He is the epitome of the “Once lost, but now is found” mantra. Isiah's "Student of the Week" is a well-deserved accolade that will be earned well after it is given.

    March 29, 2016
    RHS Top Ten  
     (left to right are – Janely Collado, Jacobo Quijada-Avelar, Grace Ayo, Jennifer Tiburrio, Nikita Robertson, Kaela Kin, and Ashley Canizales.)

    Congratulations to the 2016  Roosevelt High School top ten graduating seniors. This group of academically accomplished young men and women worked tirelessly to earn the top GPAs in Roosevelt High School. Leading the way is the 2016 Roosevelt High School Valedictorian, Grace Ayo…awesome job! And right on the heels of Grace is our 2016 Roosevelt High School Salutatorian, Kaela King…superb!

    March 14, 2016
    Andrew Grant  

    Andrew Grant is nominated for the consistent dedication, enthusiasm and creative drive he brings to the High School Robotics Club. Andrew has been involved in the Robotics Club for 4 years but this year has really been a standout. 
    Each year there is a different robotic challenge to meet. This year's was to design and construct a robot that could pick up nerf balls and deposit them into a net/goal from a distance or up close. Ultimately it was Andrew's design, engineering and building skills that took us from planning to successful competition. The Robotics Club Advisor is extremely proud of the all the positive contributions Andrew has brought to Robotics. 

    February 29, 2016
    Hoops for Heart Centennial Student of the Month! Morgan McEachern 2nd Grade Student- Heart Hero!
    Centennial Avenue raised $1,377.00 in our annual Jump Rope/Hoops for Heart event. The children are always excited to do their best to help raise as much money as they can for The American Heart Association. This year we truly had a Heart Hero. One of our 2nd grade students, Morgan McEachern raised $540!!! We are so proud of Morgan and all of her efforts. A job well done Morgan!!! Special Thanks to our Physical Education teachers Mr. Alt and Mrs. Stiles for coordinating this school-wide event!
    February 22, 2016
    Ms. Nylette Lopez is a junior at Roosevelt High School and she truly fulfills the definition of a role model. Not only is Nylette an exemplary student with outstanding grades, but she is also well-rounded and extremely personable. Nylette is a vital member of the Roosevelt High School softball team and band, where she goes above and beyond by mentoring everyone from middle school softball players to new high school instrumentalists. Nylette is a phenomenal musician on tuba, bass clarinet, piano, guitar, ukulele, and just about every instrument she picks up. Outside of school, Nylette teaches religious education and performs in various music groups ranging from college level ensembles to her own all-girl rock band made up of Roosevelt High School females. Thank you Nylette for your inspiring enthusiasm and leadership! 
    February 8, 2016 
    Ms. Shanese Smith is currently a senior at Roosevelt High School, but you may want to ask for her autograph while she's still local! Shanese is currently involved in Roosevelt's half-day culinary vocational program, and she is already an innovative and talented young chef. Shanese loves cooking for her family and friends and she has a true love for creativity. Shanese's artistry goes beyond her culinary skills, as well - she is an outstanding drummer and a musical asset to our Roosevelt High School Band. Shanese is always pleasant, friendly, and polite - she is also quite comical and always makes people laugh, even if they are having a rough day. Thank you to Shanese for sharing your talents and enthusiasm with all of us at Roosevelt High School!
     February 1. 2016
    Erika and Katie  
    The next generation of engineers may just be found in Mr. Hayes' MST classroom! Erika and Katie have demonstrated great levels of Robotic wizardry in their Roosevelt Middle School Math, Science, and Technology (MST) class. Erika's diligence and attention to detail is reflected in her critical thinking skills, evidenced in her ability to work well under pressure to meet her goals. Katie is a well-mannered student, who is task focused,displaying persistence and drive when it comes to real world problem solving.
     January 25, 2016
    Jumana is a member of the Mathletes who has performed very well. Not only is she an high performing student, but she is working closely with administration to develop a student mentoring program. She can be seen daily helping others, giving of her time to be an asset to the school community.  
     January 19, 2016

    Kimesha Simeona has been voted by her peers as the 2016 Senior Class President. She is one of the hosts of the

    WRHS Broadcasting Club, a passionate writer, she was accepted this summer out of 100"s of students across Long Island

    to the Robert W. Greene Summer Institute for High School Journalists at Stony Brook University. She has been accepted to Hampton

    University and Adelphi University among others. Kimesha is certainly a positive role model among her peers at Roosevelt High School,

    which makes her perfect for High School Student of The Week.

    January 11, 2016
    Congratulations to Jasmin Ferman, the Student of the Week for Ulysses Byas Elementary School! Jasmine is a third grader in Ms. James’ class who exemplifies excellent work ethics and definitely works hard to get smart. Jasmine’s career goal is to become a psychologist. Her favorite subject is math. She also enjoys reading mysteries, and reads for one hour every night. When she is not studying, she enjoys playing basketball. Her advice for success to her fellow classmates would be to read every night as well as study and practice basic math facts. Jasmine has been a continuous honor roll student throughout her school years, and is definitely on the path to success. Keep up the great work! 
    January 4, 2016
    E. Battle
     Emelina Battle has many admirable qualities that make her stand out as a leader among Mrs. Henley's 6th graders at Centennial Avenue School.  Her work ethic has resulted in high academic achievement.  Her kindness sets a standard for all. Despite her physical challenges, Emelina contributes to our school and district in a substantial way.  She was voted Centennial's 2015 Homecoming Queen.  She participates in many school-wide activities such as Band, Kwanzaa, Hispanic Heritage, Eagle News, and Student Council.  She is attentive in class and adds significantly to the culture of our classroom. Emelina's  diligence, great attitude, focus, and drive makes her an all-around student.  Congratulations Emelina Battle.  
    December 21, 2015
    rhs choir  
    Ms. Regan, Choir Director is very proud of this phenomenal group of students. They represented Roosevelt well recently when they performed at the Blessing of the Animals in NYC . They were well behaved, carried themselves professionally, and delivered a dynamite performance.
    They received numerous compliments afterwards, and Ms. Cindy Adams of The New York Post said they would love to invite us back next year. They are amazing! It is my honor and privilege to be their director.
    If you see them, please congratulate them on an outstanding performance.


     December 14, 2015
    RHS students  
    Jade Reid, Kaela King and DeAnni Quill have been part of the Smart Scholars Program for two years. The girls have been been working hard earning college credits through the Smart Scholars but this is the first semester they are actually attending a course on a college campus, at SUNY College at Old Westbury. In addition to to their regular high school classes they are attending a college calculus course, in which they are doing extremely well. Their dedication and hard work has made them stand out at the college level. They are in the top 10 percentile among college students in that class. Good job girls. Keep up the good work.
    December 7, 2015
    Juwan White is an eighth grade student at Roosevelt Middle School. This past Sunday, Juwan took second place at a wrestling tournament in Long beach. Juwan not only finds success on the wrestling mat, but is a very hard worker and excels in the classroom as well. He is a positive role model for his peers and future students athletes in the Roosevelt community.
    November 23, 2015
    Roosevelt Rising! The Roosevelt Middle School’s Taia currently holds the school’s highest score in both the Reading and Math STAR Quarter 1 Assessments. Taia’s strong character closely matches her academic performance as she regularly receives accolades from teachers and peers alike. Just recently during this year’s Hispanic Heritage Night Taia displayed her skills as an orator, introducing and reciting poetry. We expect great things from this young lady! 
    November 17, 2015 
    rhs gs  
    RHS Girl Scout Troop 1718 

    (Ashley Atkinson, Kyra Curtis, Elizabeth Fernandez , Jennifer Garcia, Chelsea Vasquez, Genny Collado , Elisabeth Goodinez)  

     The above students are working towards achieving their Girl Scouts Gold Award. The Gold Award is the highest achievement in Girl Scouts. The girls must complete a take action project that exhibits their leadership skills. All of these girls attend Roosevelt High School.

    The Roosevelt Troop 1718, girls will be the first troop to achieve this prestigious award. 

    November 9, 2015 
    UB119  hhp

    Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Boyce’s Fifth Grade of Ulysses Byas

    Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month!

    September marked the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month. From September 15-October 15, museums, exhibits, events and more appear everywhere to educate and celebrate Latino culture. The beautiful thing is that it doesn't celebrate just one culture; it celebrates all Hispanics and their heritage.  This project correlates with the expeditionary curriculum which requires us to read the novel, Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan.  The children have discussions about the Mexican culture and compare it to the various Hispanic countries.  Furthermore, the children chose one Latin-American country to read, learn, and write about. Each country has an art project that connects with the written portion.  The children then presented to the class showing their art and explaining what they learned about the country.

    November 2, 2015
    ub sow  
     Folasade is a student in Mrs. Bezelel’s 4th grade class. As a part of the Expeditionary Learning curriculum, Folasade is learning about the Haudenosaunee and other Native American tribes. She is dressed in character today as a Haudenosaunee tribe’s girl.
    October 26, 2015 
    (Chukwuma Ukwu, Grace Ayo, Elishah Willock, Taylor Gietschier, Justin Gietschier, Ashley Caninzilez, Brittany Gietschier, Kaela King, Hannah Toussiant, Deanni Quill, Regine Cherry, Jade Reid, Amani Meyers, Lance Peters, Mark Cruz, Agnes Duru)
     FRRA (Future Rough Riders of America ) is a fully student run initiative with the main objective of aiding in the transition of education from every level. As seniors in high school and the future representatives of the rough rider community it is our obligation to contribute to the advancement of our community. We will be doing this by having alumni come back once a month and speak on positive career and educational routes that open after graduation to our seniors. We will also use FRRA as a mentoring program for all levels of education in our community starting with the eighth graders before they begin high school to the sixth graders before they enter middle school.
    FRRA " inspiring the future with the past"
    October 19, 2015
    Seniors Kamisha Haynes and Kaela King are exemplary young women, leaders, and role models for everyone in the Roosevelt School District and Community! These ladies have done an outstanding job serving as head drum majors for the Roosevelt High School Band for the past two years, and they recently led the band in their annual performance at UCPN in Roosevelt with the help of several new drum majors in training. Ms. King and Ms. Haynes are also athletes, flautists, and extremely well-rounded students with extraordinary work ethic!