• We are pleased to announce that the Roosevelt Union Free School District was awarded a four year grant totaling $598,132 from the New York State Education Department under the My Brother’s Keeper Initiative.


    Executive Summary:

    The goal of the Roosevelt Boys to Men Initiative is to address the persistent opportunity gaps faced by young men of color by improving their access to opportunities and enhancing their knowledge and skills in order to succeed in school and beyond.


    In addition, our ultimate goal of success is to “promote family, extended family and community engagement initiatives that connect them to their child’s learning and development”.  Often, parents do not know how they can get involved in schools, nor do they fully understand the meaningful impact it has on their child’s academic success. To that end, we will Inform our parents about our work with their children, allow them to Inquire as stakeholders and we will be more responsive and less reactive to their concerns, Involve them so they feel a part of the process and serve as co-creators of policies and programs and lastly, we plan to Inspire our parents and community by empowering them to advocate on behalf of their children and build capacity within our community as a whole.


    Grant goals:

    Goal 1:  Develop the knowledge and skills of school and district personnel, as well as families and community members, to increase required trust and relationships necessary to address student learning needs and abilities at each grade level 

    Goal 2:  Provide access to multi-level networks that foster respect and trust in building family relationships with the school and school community

    Goal 3:  Create an environment where partnerships thrive in a comfortable, culturally diverse, and engaging atmosphere that fosters respect and trust

    Goal 4:  Commit to building and sustaining child-centered roles for the school, family, and community that values student learning and social and emotional development as equal education partners


    Community Partners:

    Hofstra University National Center for Suburban Studies

    Choice For All, Inc.


    A link to more NYSED My Brother’s Keep initiative is provided below: