•    Community and Public Relations 
          Stacy Dewar
          Power Announcement
          Nicole Rivera, NBCT
          District Website
    The Curriculum team oversees all media-related items such as press releases, the “Roosevelt Reporter” Newsletter, District Calendar, Code of Conduct Manual and District Website. The team also keeps in close contact with education reporters and assignments editors, who will call at a moment’s notice to inquire about school and district-related events.  Because communication is key, the Curriculum team keeps parents abreast of what is happening in the school district by sending pertinent information on the electronic “Power Announcement” automated calling system. In addition, the District Website is available daily and has the latest information and updates on a variety of topics and areas concerning the Roosevelt School District and its students.  
    We are always looking for ways to promote our students while they are on their journey from “Good to Great" !