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    Pupil Personnel Services

    The Roosevelt UFSD Pupil Personnel Services department is committed to providing a variety of support services that address the academic, social and emotional needs of the students in the district. These services include special education programs and services, Drug and Alcohol Counselors, Social Workers, psychological services, Educationally Related Support Services, homebound instructional services and Student Support Services.

    We support the school district's vision of “Relentless Pursuit of Excellence In All That We Do” and are committed to meeting the diverse needs of all the Roosevelt students.


    Special Education

    The Roosevelt School District operates a variety of comprehensive special education programs to serve the needs of over 300 children with disabilities.

    The Roosevelt Committee on Special Education (CSE) carefully screens all students suspected of having a disability, as well as reviews the progress of students currently in programs. The CSE works collaboratively with parents, community partners and staff to develop programs and services to ensure student's academic as well as social-emotional needs are met.

    Many Special Education classes are housed within district school buildings which allow our students full access to all services and facilities in their least restrictive environment. When appropriate, a Special Education student may require services from BOCES or an out-of-district program.

    The Roosevelt Committee on Special Education is continuously striving to provide quality care and services to students with disabilities in the Roosevelt school district. As mandated by IDEA regulations, all students with disabilities must have an annual review meeting to evaluate the student’s progress and the appropriateness of his/her individualized educational program (IEP). In addition, students with disabilities are re-evaluated every three years. All sub-committee meetings held at the individual school buildings.

    Special Education Pre-School
    Pursuant to PL-99-457 and Section 4410 of the Educational Law, school districts are responsible for serving 3 and 4 year old children with disabilities. If you suspect that your youngster has a disability or are referred by your doctor or a pre-school professional, please call 345-7850.

    Speech and Language Services
    The district employs full-time speech/language therapists who serve the various schools of the district. The role of the speech/language therapist includes: Kindergarten screening and intervention services; screening of all new school entrants and new referrals to the CSE; periodic screening of elementary and secondary students for speech or language disorders; correction of the voice disorders, correction of articulation disorders; correction of receptive and expressive language disorders.

    In addition, the speech therapist serves as a resource to teachers particularly in areas of receptive and expressive language disorders, and helps teachers in the adaptation of curriculum.

    Psychological Services
    The district employs full-time psychologists who serve the various schools of the district. The role of the psychologist includes: student psychological evaluation; Committee on Special Education (CSE) referrals and evaluations monitoring of pupil progress; crisis intervention; parent counseling; cooperative educational planning with teachers and administrators; required reevaluations of special education students; mandated member of building and district level CSE.

    Additional functions relating to special education classes include: assisting teachers in the development of interventions to help students in the development of Individualized Education Programs (IEP); monitoring the delivery of services to special education students; coordination CSE annual review meetings; conducting triennial evaluations; exploring out-of-district educational alternatives when necessary; and training teachers in the implementation of new regulations and procedures.

    The school psychologist as the mental health expert in each building serves a vital role in assisting the students and parents of the district. As integral members of the building Child Study Teams, psychologist work collaboratively with students, parents, teachers and community agencies to develop interventions services for students who are at-risk. School psychologists are Sub-Committee Chairs and are district liaison that coordinates activities in the schools with community agencies and other professionals.

    Social Worker
    Within the Pupil Personnel Services, the social worker provides the following services; counseling services, conducting social histories for students referred to the CSE as ell as re-evaluations, monitoring students' progress; providing transitional support services to students moving into programs that are less restrictive (i.e. when returning to the district from out-of-district placements); providing parent education; intervening during crisis (i.e. child abuse, PINS petitions) and serving as general liaison between school and home.

    Counseling As A School Related Service
    Counseling as a related service will be recommended by the CSE under the following circumstances:

    ·         An emotional or management difficulty interferes with a student's   ability to make appropriate educational gains;

    ·         The difficulty is one which in the clinical judgment of the evaluation team, can be addressed through school-related counseling with a qualified professional; and

    ·         The student does not appear at the present time to require medical intervention or a therapeutic milieu in order to make educational gains.

    Physical Therapy
    Physical therapy is provided in order for a student with a physical disability to benefit from education or to be maintained in the least restrictive environment. The following services may be provided: coordination between medical agencies and professionals serving the student; evaluation of strength, function, motor development and adaptive need of the student; program planning and treatment program when indicated; consultation with general education teachers in the mainstreaming process; and supervision and instruction of nonprofessional personnel in dealing with the physical needs of the students.

    Occupational Therapy
    Occupational Therapy is provided in order for a student, whose disabilities prevent them from functioning normally within the school environment, to benefit from the education or to be maintained in the least restrictive environment. The duties of the occupational therapist includes individual assessment, increasing strength and quality of movement of the upper extremities necessary for handwriting and other classroom fine motor tasks, modulating a student's sensory responses that interfere with everyday activities, developing the activities of daily living, providing adaptive equipment as necessary and counseling students with disabilities around their participation in activities. The goal of the occupational therapist is to provide appropriate treatment to increase the student's ability to function independently of the school environment.

    Hearing Itinerant Services
    Hearing Itinerant Services are designed to provide direct specialized instruction to students, age five(5) to twenty one (21) years of age, with hearing impairments who are enrolled in a general or special education program. Specialized instruction in speech, reading and auditory training are provided by a teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing. These services are necessary in order for students to benefit from their primary educational program and are provided by Nassau County BOCES.

    Vision Itinerant Services
    Vision Itinerant Services are designed to provide direct specialized instruction to students, ages five (5) to twenty one (21) years of age, with visual impairments who are enrolled in a general or special education program by a teacher of the visually impaired. This related service includes direct instruction in the use of various optical aids, use of large print books, worksheets, orientation and mobility services, tactile and recorded material and current technology. Teachers may also assist students in acclimating themselves to new instructional environments and may assist other teachers in meeting the student's educational needs. These services are currently provided through a partnership with Nassau County BOCES.


    Transition Services for Graduates


    All students with disabilities who are eligible to graduate are referred to VESID for transition services. VESID provides vocational training and assists students with disabilities with gaining access to various supports and services beyond graduation. Ms. Regina Swanson, High School Transition Teacher, guidance counselors and school psychologists will be working very closely with the graduates to ensure that the referral process is completed. In addition, an informational session will be scheduled for the students and parents to attend. We will also be providing information sessions with various colleges that provide programs and services for students with disabilities as well as contacting social service agencies to assist with accessing additional services and supports that many students with disabilities are eligible for.



    The Roosevelt UFSD provides a variety of program and services to meet the individual needs of students with disabilities.






    General Education


    General Education with Declassification Support

    General Education with Consultant Teacher

    General Education with Consultant Teacher with Related Services

    General Education with Supplemental Support Services

    General Education with Related Services

    Speech, OT, PT, Vision, Hearing

    General Education with Resource Room

    General Education with Resource Room with Related Services

    Collaborative Team Teaching

    Collaborative Team Teaching with Related Services

    In District Special Classes

    6:1:2; 6:1:1; 9:1:2 (Life Skills); 12:1:4; 12:1:1; 15:1:1

    BOCES Operated District Based Programs

    BOCES Operated Segregated Programs

    State Operated/State Supported School

    Homebound Instruction

    Hospital Instruction

    Residential Placement


    Dr. Dionne Wynn

    Director of PPS


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