• Dr. Dionne Wynn
    Dr. D. Wynn
    Director of Pupil Personnel Services


    Pupil Personnel Services

    The Roosevelt UFSD Pupil Personnel Services department is committed to providing a variety of support services that address the academic, social and emotional needs of the students in the district. These services include special education programs and services, Drug and Alcohol Counselors, Social Workers, psychological services, Educationally Related Support Services, homebound instructional services and Student Support Services.

    We support the school district's vision of “Relentless Pursuit of Excellence In All That We Do” and are committed to meeting the diverse needs of all the Roosevelt students.

  • Special Education

  • Special Education Pre-School

  • Speech and Language Services

  • Psychological Services

  • Social Worker

  • Counseling As A School Related Service

  • Physical Therapy

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Hearing Itinerant Services

  • Vision Itinerant Services

  • Transition Services for Graduates


    The Roosevelt UFSd provides a variety of programs and services to meet the individual needs of students with disabilities 

    Roosevelt UFSD continuum of special education services 

    General Education 

    General Education with Declassification Support 

    General Education with Consultant Teachers

    General Education with Consultant Teacher with Related Services 

    General Education with Supplemental Support Services

    General Education with Related Services Speech, OT, PT, Vision, and Hearing

    General Education with Resource Room 

    General Education with Resource Room with Related Services 

    Collaborative Team Teaching 

    Collaborative Team Teaching with Related Services 

    In District Special Classes 6:1:2; 6:1:1; 9:1:2 (Life Skills); 12:1:4; 12:1:1; 15:1:1

    BOCES Operated District Based Programs

    BOCES Operated Segregated Programs

    State-Operated/State Supported School

    Homebound Instruction

    Hospital Instruction

    Residential Placement


    Dr. Dionne Wynn

    Director of PPS


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