Search for the Next Superintendent

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    The Board of Education along with the Acting Superintendent, are aggressively engaged in the search for the next superintendent of the Roosevelt UFSD.  In November, the BOE used a National Job Search vendor – OLAS to advertise.  In the beginning of December, all applicants’ resumes were reviewed and a pool of viable candidates were selected for an initial screening by the board of education.  After the initial screening, successful candidates will be brought back for committee interviews.  Finalists will then be selected for interviewing at one of the public meetings of the board of education.  We wish to complete the selection before the end of April.  Below, please find the qualities that are being used during the entire process. 



    • Successful leader who has an extensive educational background in teaching and administration.
    • Extremely knowledgeable of NYS regulations and processes.
    • Vast experience in the areas of Personnel, Finance, Instruction and Operations.
    • Willing to make a long term commitment to the continued success of this district
    • Skilled in strategic planning, budgeting
    • Enables and motivates others to achieve the goals of this district
    • Communicates clearly and effectively
    • Collaborates and cooperates with others
    • Supports, develops and nurtures staff
    • Self-Reflects and continuously self-improves
    • Takes action, sets clear directions for staff and holds them accountable.
    • Inspires staff, parents and community to work as a team for improved, sustainable, student learning
    • Even-tempered, thoughtful and compassionate professional who will show accountability to the BOE and the community for the work of the school


Superintendent Search Survey