• Graduating? Take Your Google Files with You!


    Congratulations on your graduation! 


    Now is the time to act if you want to take any of your Google Drive or email content with you as your BHS Google account will be deactivated in the upcoming months.


    Here are instructions.



    • Change ownership rights to those that need the files/documents next year (ex. Docs for a school club or organization).


        • If you don’t need the file(s) yourself, simply change owners in the Sharing settings. Please talk to your club advisers or contact your media specialist for help.


    • Login to your district Google account and use Google Takeout to download all of the Google data that you need. You will need a place to save the downloaded file such as an SD card, USB drive, or the hard drive of a personal computer.




    • Create a ‘Vacation Responder’ to inform others that your email account will be deactivated soon and if desired, provide an alternate email address to reach you. This is especially important if you are using this email to communicate with colleges.


    • Copy any Google Contacts that you want to save - if you didn’t use Google Takeout

    Forward important email to your personal Google account - if you didn’t use Google Takeout