• 2017 Board Pic
    (Seated~Mrs. Willa Scott,
    L-R Mrs. Rose Gietschier, Mrs. Charlena H. Croutch,
    Mr. Alfred T. Taylor and Mrs. Susan E. Gooding)  
    Questions relating to district policy should be brought to the attention of the Board of Education. In most cases, this can be done during the public question-and-answer period which normally concludes each meeting. However, if a resident feels that the question is of such importance that it cannot be handled suitably in this informal way, the question should be addressed, in writing, to the District Clerk, 240 Denton Place. Responses will follow by mail.

    Concerns regarding individual students should not be directed to the Board until staff and administration have been contacted. Parents are advised to follow these steps; first, contact the student’s Assistant Principal; second, the building Principal; third, Assistant Superintendents, and then the Superintendent. If the matter remains unresolved after these contacts have been made, it should be brought to the Board’s attention.

    Board of Education Agendas & Minutes    

    After December 1, 2016 board agendas and minutes may be viewed on the Roosevelt Union Free School District BoardDocs site. Previous agendas and minutes will still be available on our website.

    Navigating BoardDocs:    

    1. Click on the BoardDocs link below

    2. On left side under the featured section you will find the current meeting.  

    3. Click on date of meeting on the left side of the page.  

    4. You will have the option to view or print the agenda (simple or detailed) as well as view the minutes for past meetings on the right side of the page.

    Roosevelt Union Free School Board Meeting System: