• Washington Rose Little Doctors


    As part of the science curriculum fifth graders are required to study the human body.  Students observed how human body systems work together to function properly.  While journeying through the human body our little doctors learned the importance of blood. They conducted blood typing experiments to determine blood type compatibility and learned that every two minutes someone in the United States needs a blood transfusion. 

    At the December 20th board meeting students conducted a presentation to solicit donors and inform the BOE members, as well as the community about the importance of donating blood.   Although our little doctors are too young to donate blood they sponsored a blood drive at Washington Rose on January 9, 2013 and we are proud to announce, their efforts have saved fifty-four lives. 

    On the day of the blood drive, their message was, “donate blood and save three lives”.  Because the "Little Doctors" asked,  several teachers and Roosevelt UFSD employees donated blood, the students also got some of our wonderful parents to give the gift of blood that evening during our ESL and Common Core parent workshop!  The  “little doctors” at Washington Rose Elementary School  are truly making a difference.

    Submitted by: Mrs. Beasley