• Vaccine Program Updates

    New Inventory Requirements to Lead to On-line Ordering Convenience

    The NYSDOH Bureau of Immunization’s Vaccine Program is in the process of implementing a new vaccine inventory system, which is the first step in making it possible for providers to place on-line vaccine orders.

    The new inventory program that is part of the Vaccine Tracking System (VTrckS), was developed by CDC as part of its requirement to increase health care provider accountability for publicly purchased vaccine.

    Beginning in January 2013, inventory reports will:

    include the NDC number for each vaccine, in addition to lot number and number of doses.

    be submitted at the same time as orders are placed.

    be reviewed by NYSDOH Vaccines for Children staff prior to placing orders.

    VFC staff will contact health care providers and orders may be modified if the number of doses ordered seems excessive compared to the inventory submitted, or if the doses requested vary significantly from previousTo view the flier for more information, click the link below: