• Things
    (Washington Rose "Things", April 19, 2013)
    Washington Rose has Taken This "Thing" to a Whole New Level!
    It all started when we began reading the works of Dr. Seuss.  Mrs. Kelly and Mrs. Priestley thought they would wear "Thing" shirts on the day they read "The Cat and the Hat".  Before we knew it, all of the first grade teachers were "Things" too.  Soon, the Kindergarten teachers became "Things", then our aides and assistants, our principal, our sectretaries, our ESL teachers, our Resource Room teachers,  it seemed each week, more "Things" were spotted at Washington Rose!  On April 19, 2013 the students were invited to see if they could figure out who all of the "Things" were.  There were 33 "Things" in total (some of them were camera shy!).  We had a great time trying to figure out who each "Thing" was. 
    So students, if someone asks you why so many teachers at Washington Rose were wearing red shirts, just tell them " It's a Washington Rose Thing"!