• Gingerbread House Event 

    The Centennial Avenue School Kindergarten Team, with the support of Principal, Dr. Barbara Solomon and Assistant Principal, Ms. Charlene Stroughn, decided to celebrate a holiday tradition of making gingerbread house with their students’ families.

     On Thursday, December 19th, Kindergarten families were invited to join their children in this fun, engaging activity that helped them understand that being a citizen of the United States includes an understanding of the holidays and celebrations of our nation.  This activity encouraged creativity, cooperative learning, following multi-step directions, counting and creating and extending patterns.

    This was a culminating activity recognizing one of the many holiday traditions celebrated in December.

    They were joined by a Newsday photographer who captured some of the children engaging in this activity.  Below is a link to the article from Newsday. They were also featured on Verizon FIOS channel 1!