Washington Rose opens The Grand Rose Café!

    Two Cafe workers pose for a photo  
    On Friday, January 17, 2014 Mrs. Yuengling’s class hosted the grand opening of the Grand Rose Café.  The Grand Rose Café offers a large variety of drinks and breakfast treats.  On Fridays teachers and staff are invited to come and purchase items from the café.  The Grand Rose Café is staffed by Mrs. Yuengling’s class.  Students will be responsible for ringing up customers, taking money and giving change.  The students have decided that all of the profits from the Grand Rose Café will help to pay for a class trip.  They would especially like to take a class trip to Manhattan to see a Broadway show.  If you find yourself at Washington Rose on a Friday, please be sure to visit the Grand Rose Café!
    Dr. Wortham visits the Grand Rose Cafe

    (Dr. Wortham poses with Grand Rose Cafe worker Emanuel)