• May 21, 2018

    Carlvens Chancy

    Carlvens Chancy is a 5th grade student at Ulysses Byas Elementary School in Mrs. Ize-Iserhien‘s class. He is an outstanding student and strives for excellence through his classwork, homework and school service. Carlvens is a member of our safety patrol and enjoys helping his peers. He loves math and excels in this subject. Keep up the great work. Congratulations!


    May 14, 2018

    Lucia Bonilla

    Lucia Bonilla  is a sixth grader at Ulysses Byas Elementary. She is a student in Mrs. Coleman and Mrs. Miles’s class. Lucia is on Safety Patrol, and plays in the band under the direction of Mr. Sheehan. She has attended the Roosevelt Schools since Pre-K. She helps with the distribution of the Island Harvest program, and is an excellent student overall. While she is 100% sure that she will attend and graduate from college, she is unsure of what career she will choose as a young adult.

    May 7, 2018


    Katherine Marquez-Reyes is a 7th grade honor student who has shown great potential in Home and Careers. She is a hardworking student who demonstrates sound leadership skills. Katherine is very focused and determined to succeed.

    Not only is she a stellar student, but she is also a passionate and caring individual. Her commitment to helping her classmates and teachers makes her stand out among her peers. 

    Katherine’s aspiration is to become a pediatrician.Based on her academic performance and vibrant personality, there is no doubt that she will accomplish her life endeavors.


    April 30, 2018

    Paige Harley

    Paige Harley is the student that every teacher wants in their class. She is dependable, determined, and kind. Paige is well liked and respected by both her peers and adults at the Roosevelt Middle School. Paige has a passion for learning. She enjoys musical theater and performs in both school and local community plays. Paige is a joy to work with. She doesn’t believe in giving up. Her work ethic is commendable. Paige has a bright future ahead of her. It is with great joy that I have nominated Paige as Student of the Week at Roosevelt Middle School. One day we are all going to see Paige’s name in lights.

    April 23, 2018

    Leonardo Martinez Barzallo

    Leonardo Martinez Barzallo is a diligent hard working young man in the 8th grade at the Roosevelt Middle School. He exemplifies the definition of a classroom leader. Leo has a great demeanor and wants to succeed.  He enjoys Social studies and enjoys learning about History. Leo enjoys helping his peers and has the type of attitude where he wants to see all students in all his classes succeed. Leo is also a part of the coding club, and through his ability and desire to succeed, he has become proficient as a basic coder.


    April 16, 2018

    Alison Cordova

    Alison Cordova is a first grade bilingual student who has been part of the Ulysses Byas bilingual family since kindergarten. Alison Cordova is an exceptionally bright, charismatic, and mature child for her age. As a bilingual student, Alison Cordova is able to read, write, speak and listen in both English and Spanish. With a great support system at home and in school, Alison Cordova has an innate sense of wanting to do the best she can and never gives up even when a subject topic may become difficult. Alison Cordova is a star student and has been named student of the month for March 2018.

    April 9, 2018

    Melodie Reyes-Martinez

    Melodie Reyes-Martinez is a seventh grade student in Roosevelt Middle School.  She plays flute in the RMS band, participates in the MST club, as well as Student Advisory.  Melodie also volunteers her time in the Middle School Administrative Offices during her lunch period.  Additionally, Melodie is part of the Youth Positive Initiative, where she will donate her time to create and distribute blessing baskets to sick children in a local hospital.  Melodie is a very focused young lady and is always willing to assist staff and students whenever necessary.  She is always very pleasant and is well respected by her peers.

    March 26,2018

    Elias Villatoro

    Elias Villatoro is a hardworking, dedicated 8th Grade student at Roosevelt Middle School. He was named captain of the Roosevelt Middle School Wrestling team for the 2018 season. Elias demonstrates his hard work and leadership skills on the mat and in the classroom from motivating his teammates during practice to assisting his peers during class activities. He always comes to school with a positive attitude and is always looking for ways to improve himself as a Roosevelt student athlete.

    March 19, 2018

    Kendall Constant

    Centennial School is happy to recognize Kendall Constant as our Student of the Week.  Kendall is a Kindergarten student in Mrs. Coppola's and Mrs. Ferrara's class who is working hard to get ready for First Grade.  Kendall puts great effort into all of her assignments.  She is very courageous and is unafraid to take risks. Kendall always follows the class rules and is kind to her classmates. She is doing a wonderful job writing sentences and illustrating her sentences. We are so proud of her!

    March 12, 2018

    Zyen Jenkins

    Zyen Jenkins is a 2nd grade student at Centennial Avenue School in Ms. King’s class. Zyen participated in our Kwanzaa production this year as a chorus member. Zyen is an enthusiastic learner who always tries her best. She is a good friend to her classmates and other students in the building. She is an exemplary role model for showing perseverance in her School Work, she never gives up! Centennial is proud to have Zyen represent Roosevelt as the student of the week!

    March 5, 2018

    Merari Chicas

    Merari Chicas is a wonderful 4th student in Mrs. Sheehan class.  She is a self-motivated worker.  She always completes daily assignments and returns homework on time and well done.  Merari participates in extra curricula activities such as Kwanzaa and safety patrol.  She was also a finalist for the Spelling Bee contest. In addition,  Merari was voted to be our class representative for Student Council!  Merari is a well-rounded young lady.

    February 26, 2018

    Gabrielle Perry

    Gabrielle Perry is a student in Ms. Duggan's second grade class at Centennial Avenue School.  Gabby is a very conscientious student who goes out of her way to assist her classmates and students whenever they need help.  She volunteers for many school-wide activities and was a dancer in our building Kwanzaa Celebration.  Gabby strives to be a great student and classmate.  She is an awesome candidate for Student of the Week!!

    February 12, 2018

    Irvin Trejo

    Irvin is an exemplar 2nd grade student in Mrs. Alvarado’s Bilingual class.

    He demonstrates integrity by always doing the right thing even when no one is watching.

    He puts forth his best effort everything he does! Furthermore, Irvin is always eager to help in class and to help a friend in need. Keep up the great work Irvin. You make Centennial Proud!

    February 5, 2018

    Andrew Tenecela Leon

    Hi! My name is Andrew Tenecela Leon, and this is my first year in the Roosevelt Union Free School District. I am a 5th grade student in Ms. Jordan’s class at Ulysses Byas. I am adventurous and I love playing soccer. I believe that I will be a professional soccer player one day.


    January 29, 2018

    Haniyyah Myricks

    Haniyyah Myricks is a 5th grade student in Centennial Avenue School.  This is Haniyyah’s first year in the Roosevelt School District, and we are proud to have her as part of our learning team.

    She has adjusted quite nicely to her school and class.  Haniyyah has made many friends and is an active citizen and participant in various school programs.  She belongs to the school band and works very hard at playing the clarinet.  She is also a Centennial cheerleader and loves to dance and perform as part of our school’s Kwanzaa production.   She is a member of the Technology Club and Centennial afterschool school Academic Prep/Performing Arts Program. 

    She is a shining example of academic excellence and Eagle P.R.I.D.E. We are fortunate to have Haniyyah as part of our Centennial Family!!!   We are proud to have her represent Centennial as a Star Student of the Week!

    January 16, 2018

    Nayeli Portillo

    My name is Nayeli Portillo. I am a 6th grade student in Mr. Tchinnis’s class. I am a member of the Chess Club with Mr. Evans. I also love playing soccer. When I was 9 years old, I realized my passion was art. Working with Mr. Evans, I began drawing hearts and flowers. Then I drew animated pictures. Now I’m working on realistic art. In the future I would like to be an artist and an art teacher.


    January 6, 2018


    Nachely Orellana is a 7th grader who is new to the middle school. She is a hardworking, outspoken student who is excelling in all of her classes. Nachely plays violin in orchestra and her favorite sport is soccer - Go Barcelona! Her favorite graphic novel is Drama, by Raina Telgemeier. Nachely's favorite color is pink and she loves to catch up on sleep on the weekends.


    January 2, 2018

    Chanell Holness


    CONGRATULATIONS to a wonderful, kind and hardworking U.B. student.  Chanell Holness strives for excellence through her classwork and extra-curricular activities.  She serves the post of Lieutenant for the Ulysses Byas Safety Patrol.  Chanell is also a member of our dance team and choir.  Chanell will be part of a major production, led by Ms. Techeira and Ms. Almonor this Dec. 14, 2017.  Chanell is better than good; she is great!  Keep up the great work Chanell.

    December 18, 2017

    Ondifer Ecueda


    Ondifer Ecueda is a student in Mrs. Sinclair's 2nd grade class at Ulysses Byas Elementary School. This young lady excels in ELA, Math, Science, and Social-Studies, and takes great pride in her schoolwork. Additionally, Ondifer has been named "Student of the Month" and "Student of the Week" in her class. Ondifer was on Ulysses Byas Elementary School's Homecoming Court, and participated in this year's Homecoming Parade. Lastly, Ondifer is a well-mannered young lady, who demonstrates respect for her teachers and her classmates.

    December 11, 2017

    Jasmine Polanco

    On behalf of the staff and students of Washington Rose Elementary School, we wish to congratulate Jasmine Polanco on becoming student of the week. She has exhibited great levels of character and a desire to assist others. She currently serves as a member of Safety Patrol and can always be seen helping students and adults in the building. Jasmine represents the values you would expect in a young person. Continue the good work. Congratulations!

    December 4, 2017

    Jasmin Ferman

    Jasmin Ferman attends Ulysses Byas Elementary School in Mrs. Boyce and Mrs. Charles-Brown’s fifth grade class. Jasmin is an exceptional student who takes tremendous pride in her work. Jasmin takes her education seriously and proves this every day through her behavior, participation, and quality of work. Jasmin is always pleasant and attentive. Jasmin completes all of her assignments in a timely fashion and is always in pursuit of excelling in her grades. Jasmin is a well-rounded student because along with surpassing academically, Jasmin plays the flute in band and is part of the UB Choir! Jasmin is well liked by her teachers and classmates.

    November 27, 2017

    Dyana Rivera

    The staff and students of Washington Rose Elementary School would like to congratulate Dyana Rivera in Mrs. Martinelli’s fourth grade class for receiving the honor of student of the week. Dyana exhibits those qualities you enjoy seeing in a young lady. She thinks about the feelings of others before herself and often asks, “How are you doing today?” She has exhibited actions of a model student who is kind, considerate and works hard in class. Again, we would like to congratulate Dyana for being student of the week.

    November 20, 2017

     Isabella Rodriguez

    The staff and students of Washington Rose Elementary School would like to congratulate Isabella Rodriguez of Mrs. Watford’s second grade class for student of the week. Isabella has exemplified the character and attributes of the Roosevelt Union Free School District as a well-rounded student who is focused and works extremely hard to be successful. Although she is in second grade, she has applied herself so much that she is able to work at a level above her current grade. She loves doing the extra work such as reading, learning her multiplication facts, and spending learning time with her father. You could not ask for a more dedicated and well-rounded student. Congratulations Isabella! You are our student of the week.

    November 13, 2017

    Krystale Hester

    On behalf of the Washington Rose family, we would like to congratulate Krystale Hester for receiving Student of the Week honors. She has exhibited great pride and character as a fifth grade student. She has been a great help in supporting other students and works hard to maintain the principles of excellence and hard work. Congratulations Krystale!

    November 6, 2017

    Atinauj Moore

    On behalf of the students and staff of Washington Rose Elementary School, we would like to congratulate Atinauj Moore, a fifth grade student for receiving Student of the Week honors. She has shown great R.O.S.E. pride and belief in the principles of good character. She exhibits great citizenship daily and does not hesitate when it comes to helping others. Great Job Atinauj!

    October 30, 2017

     Daniel Lawrence

     Daniel Lawrence is an enthusiastic third grade student at Ulysses Byas School.  He comes to school motivated to learn.  Daniel uses his class time constructively and shows perseverance in all he does.  Daniel is excited to learn new things.  His favorite activities involve reading, playing with his younger sister, and watching or playing basketball.  Daniel is a Ulysses Byas student who rocks!

    October 23, 2017

    Brayam Munguia


    Brayam Munguia is a hardworking 7th Grade student at Roosevelt Middle School. He is motivated to learn, perform, and help his peers. He is consistently participating in class, completing all assignments, and guiding his classmates towards the pathway of success. Brayam has plans to go to college to become an Engineer.

    October 16, 2017

    Bersabe Flores Araniva


    Bersabe Flores Araniva is part of Mrs. Villanueva 3rd grade Bilingual class. She is a hard worker and dedicated student both inside and outside the classroom. She is a role model to the other students around her and always kind. Bersabe demonstrates a degree of maturity in the classroom that far exceeds many of her classmates. She comes to class prepared daily and actively participates in lessons and discussions. In her free time she enjoys drawing , coloring , and talking to her friends.


    October 10, 2017

    Kiara McCarson


    Kiara is an 8th grade student this year and one of our bright shining stars in the middle school. She is a hard-working, diligent student and a leader among her peers. She stays active by being involved in many clubs and activities after-school. Kiara strives to be successful in all that she does which is evidenced by the fact that she is takingthree Regents level courses this year, Living Environment, Algebra, and U.S. History. 


    September 18, 2017

    Gavin France

    Hello. My name is Gavin France. I am a sixth grader here at Ulysses Byas. I am in Mrs. Coleman and Mrs. Miles’s class. I really love being active! I am a member of the Ulysses Byas Band, Choir, Dance Club and Hall Patrol. My favorite sport is basketball. I was born in Hempstead, and when I was small, we moved to Freeport. I have six siblings! WOW! One of them is a newborn, and she is one month old.

    When I grow up, I would love to attend Duke University. Science, math and technology are what I really like. In my free time, I like to play X-Box and rap with my friends. I am very close with my family too. I love them all so much and am always respectful to them.