• The Central Registration Office staff is pleased to welcome all new incoming students!

    Roosevelt Union Free School District provides programs for students from Pre-K through Grade 12. The school district’s mission is to educate the whole child to excel, thereby ensuring achievement for all. "Failure is Not an Option"

    Registration takes place throughout the year in the district’s Registration Office currently  located  at  the Middle School, located at 335 East Clinton Avenue. When a family becomes a bona fide resident* of the school district, the following procedure should be followed in registering child(ren) for school:


    The following original documents MUST be presented by the parent/guardian at the time of registration.  Note, it is your responsibility to obtain all original documents.  Furthermore, all documents must be translated into English.



        PROOF OF BIRTH:_____Birth Certificate _____Passport(name verification only)_____Baptismal Papers


    Kindergarten Age of Entrance


    Students who are legal residents of the Roosevelt Union Free School District and who reside with parents or guardians within the School District at the time of the opening day of school must be five (5) years of age or more on December 1 in order to register for Kindergarten.


    A child who transfers into the School District at any time during the school year may be considered for admission to Kindergarten by the Superintendent provided:

    ·   The parents were not legal residents of the School District on the opening day of school, and

    ·   The child has been registered and enrolled in kindergarten in the District in which his/her parents were legal residents. 

    Other Grades

    Admission of children to other grades shall involve a consideration of both chronological age and the readiness of the children to do the work of those grades. 


    Proof of Age

    A student's birth certificate or other satisfactory evidence of age shall be presented at the time of initial registration. The child shall be entered under his/her legal name. 


    (District Policy 7120: Approved September 16, 2010)

         o       Pre K entry cut-off date: a child who is four years of age on or before December 1st  of the year in which he/she enters 
    •          SOCIAL SECURITY CARD - Lack of SS card will NOT prohibit registration.

    •          PROOF OF GUARDIANSHIP: Foster Parents: Department of Social Service Form  #: DSS2999, Introduction Letter from the Agency With CIN# and Case#



             PROOF OF RESIDENCY: _____Mortgage Statement    ____Current Notarized Lease and


    o    Two (2) of the following items below

    o    Four (4) of the following items below, if you are renting, but do not have a written rental or lease agreement or do not have any utility bills, you must provide four (4) of the following items listed below (not including: PSEG, KEYSPAN, Long Island Water, Nassau County Tax bill, Homeowner’s Insurance Policy). Your landlord will be required to complete a landlord affidavit form and submit required proofs of ownership as listed above.  The affidavit will be given to you at registration.  All affidavits must be notarized. (* = Third or Fourth Option)


    Must Be Current – Originals Only Plus Photo Identification 

    (Within 30 days)

             Driver’s License/Car Registration

             Long Island Water Bill     

             Car Insurance Identification Card/Policy

             KEYSPAN Bill                  

             Photo ID from Department of Motor Vehicles

             Nassau County Tax Bill

             Pay Stub/Unemployment/W-2 Tax          

             Cablevision/Verizon or Satellite Bill

             IRS Correspondence


             Social Service Correspondence

             Residential Telephone Bill

             Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

             Voters Registration Card*

             Library Card*

             Child Support/Immigration Letter

             Post Office Change of Address*

             Health Plus/Affinity/Health Insurance

    School Year:     7:45- 2:30 pm
    Summer:           7:45- 2:00 pm

    Mrs. Squires (516) 345-7060 or email:  dsquires@rufsd.org
    Mrs. Chawla (516)345-7061 or email: jchawla@rufsd.org
     Dr. Dionne Wynn (516)-345-7850 or email: dwynn@rufsd.org