• Dr. Sumter
    Dr. Jeremiah Sumter Jr.  
          Welcome to the Roosevelt Middle School.

             We are excited about this upcoming 21-22 School year!

    The COVID-19 pandemic has propelled us into a place where teaching and learning has taken on a new look and feel.  This evolution of teaching and learning has opened new opportunities and venues of learning. Our teachers are exercising their technology muscles while our students are delving deeper into an electronic language that they almost speak naturally.

    The resiliency of our teachers and staff here at the Middle School has strengthen our resolve and we are committed to a high-quality engaging curriculum and instruction that is relevant and rigorous for our students.  This relevant and rigorous instruction will be sustained through relationships.  
    Social emotional learning and health are key factors this year for our 7th and 8th-grade students.  We are also committed to engaging our students in experiences that immerse them in culturally responsive and socially emotional learning to build social, emotional, and cognitive skills for their future.  

    Here at the Roosevelt Middle school our purpose and goal is to assist our students in their transition from elementary school to high school, academically, and social-emotionally, and to provide the necessary supports as they move from childhood to adolescence. 
    At the Middle School we are forward thinking educators with a heightened awareness for the needs of our students. Student engagement, feedback, collaboration, and ownership of their learning are some of our strategies implemented for successful student learning and development.

    This year the Middle School will continue to expose our students to cutting edge technology in Robotics, Coding, Virtual Reality, and 3-D Printing. We have our advanced Regents courses in Algebra I, Living Environment and U.S. History & Government to allow our 8th-grade students the opportunity to enter High School with Regents credits. Additionally, we have our Band, Orchestra and Music Technology program, where our students in Grade 7 and Grade 8 will continue to compete at NYSMA.

    We look forward to seeing and engaging both students and parents/guardians this school year. Our relationship with the community is vital to our success and we can’t do this without you.  We look to educate the whole child.  Each student needs to be healthy, safe, supported, engaged in learning, and challenged academically.

    Dr. Jeremiah Sumter Jr.

    Our MissionThe Mission of the Roosevelt UFSD is to educate the whole child to excel, thereby ensuring  achievement for all.    

    Our Vision: We are Roosevelt! Empowered!  Proficient! Globally Ready!