• Principal:
    Dr. Jeremiah Sumter
    Vice Principals:
    Mr. Brian Gladstone 
    Ms. Dawn McCabe 
    335 East Clinton Ave
    Roosevelt, NY 11575
    Phone: 516-345-7700
    Fax: 516-345-7790


Principal's Message

  • CBS News Visits Roosevelt Middle School 

    Dr. Sumter
    Dr. Jeremiah Sumter Jr.  

    Welcome to the Roosevelt Middle School.

    From March of the 2019-2020 school year, through the beginning of this 2020-2021 school year has been unprecedented.

    The COVID-19 pandemic has placed us in a precarious situation where education and the process of schooling will never be the same. This evolution of teaching and learning has opened up new opportunities and venues of learning. Our teachers are exercising their technology muscles while our students are delving deeper into an electronic language that they almost speak naturally.

    With all that is at stake, we are still excited about this 20-21 school year and our expectations for teaching and learning have not decreased but grown stronger in spite of the quarantine. Our teachers and staff here at the Middle School are resilient and have taken this challenge of remote learning head on!

    Virtual learning has allowed for some great learning activities, opportunities and experiences, for our 7th and 8th-grade students.

    Roosevelt Middle school’s purpose and goal is to assist our students in their transition from elementary school to high school, academically, social-emotionally, and to provide the necessary supports as they move from childhood to adolescence. Here at the Middle School we are forward thinking educators with a heightened awareness for the needs of our students. Student engagement, feedback, collaboration and ownership of their learning, are some of our strategies implemented for successful student learning and development.

    Our faculty works collaboratively to tailor their instruction to our students’ needs while developing them to be critical and independent thinkers. With this focus it allows us to construct our learning environments to be more student-centered. In our professional learning communities, the teachers’ focus is on increasing academic proficiency while building strong character and interdependence within our students. This approach ensures that we educate the whole child as they grow with high expectations for themselves!

    This year the Middle School will continue to expose our students to cutting edge technology in Robotics, Coding, Virtual Reality, and 3-D Printing. We are expanding our advanced Regents courses in Algebra I, Living Environment and U.S. History & Government to allow our 8th-grade students the opportunity to enter into High School with Regents credits. Also, this is the 5th year for our new Orchestra program, where our students in Grade 7 and Grade 8 will continue their Orchestra music classes and demonstrate their prowess at NYSMA.

    We look forward to seeing and engaging both students and parents/guardians this school year. Our relationship with the community is vital to our success and we can’t do this without you.

    Dr. Jeremiah Sumter Jr.
    The Middle School Vision

    We the students of the Roosevelt Middle School will participate in rigorous and engaging learning activities. These activities will represent the high expectations we have for our success. We will become analytical readers and writers collaborating and solving real world problems.

    La Visión de la Escuela Intermedia Nosotros, los estudiantes de la Escuela Intermedia Roosevelt, participaremos en actividades de aprendizaje interesantes y rigurosas. Estas actividades representarán las altas expectativas que tenemos para nuestro éxito.Nos convertiremos en lectores y escritores analíticos colaborando y resolviendo problemas del mundo real.

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