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    The main purpose of this website is to keep students and parents informed of what is happening in class. Notes and homework assignments will be posted daily. 

    My goal is to teach my students the curriclum and in doing so build their confidence and math skills. 

    Our goal as a class is to pass the Algebra II Regents on June 23rd 2020. All students in this class must take the regents - it counts as their final exam.


    Remind Safe Free Messaging App

    Students and parents are able to sign up for free! I send out messages about homework assignments, upcoming quizzes, test and notebook checks. Students and parents can also send me messages/ questions and/or concerns. Phone numbers are NOT exchanged!

    Instructions on how to sign up are listed below. Please make sure you sign up with the correct class. ( based on period)

    Algbera II perid 1 Instructions in English               Instructions in Spanish

    Algbera II perid 3  Instructions in English              Instructions in Spanish

    Algbera II perid 6  Instructions in English              Instructions in Spanish

    Algbera II perid 8  Instructions in English              Instructions in Spanish

    Algbera II perid 9  Instructions in English              Instructions in Spanish



    Summer Packet Information click here     You can still complete and hand in before Setember 13th. yu will recieve 2 homework passes or 5 extra points on the first test


    Due July 13th click here

    Due July 20th click here

    Due Aug 3rd click here

    Due Aug 10th click here




    I look forward to having you.