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Our Kids Read, Inc. Donate Books to Washington Rose Rocking Readers!

December 3rd, 2021, Washington Rose had special guests from, Our Kids Read, Inc. visiting with our Washington Rose Rocking Readers. Specifically, Jahmal Lake, the Executive Director of Our Kids Read, Inc., and Myrleen Springer, Board Executive, brought beautiful and diverse books for our children to read, digest, and enjoy. The books' illustrations are visually appealing, and the context opens students' eyes to accepting others culturally different from themselves. The Washington Rose Rocking Readers, spearheaded by Mrs. Thadal and her team, has been in existence for three years, has over 150 participants, and students desire to join daily. The Rocking Readers want to extend a huge thanks to Mr. Braswell for his continued support of our Rocking Readers. His unyielding love for their well-being is ever-present and evident in his morning messages throughout the day and even when the workday is complete. In closing, we are all so proud, thankful, and inspired by our wonderful scholars. 

Rocking Readers at Washington Rose