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Covid-19 Newsletter

COVID-19 Newsletter

 Dear Roosevelt UFSD Families 

During this season, I hope you embraced the love of  family, friends, and relaxation. In just a few days, we will  welcome the Year 2022, where we will remain committed  to educating the whole child and guarantee our students  and staff are healthy, safe, supported, engaged, and  challenged. I appreciate your support in keeping our  schools healthy and safe. We can all do our part by  getting vaccinated and tested. 

Our schools will open on January 3, 2022. To promote a  healthy and safe environment amid a rise in COVID-19  cases throughout the community and State, we do so  with guidance from the New York State Department of  Health (DOH), Center for Disease Control and Prevention  (CDC), and the Local Health Department (LHD).  

This week, I joined Nassau County Superintendents by  attending webinars with the Governor's Office and the  Nassau County Department of Health (NCDOH). This  Newsletter provides pertinent information. As further  details become available, we will keep you informed. 

Dr. Deborah L. Wortham, Superintendent 

Statewide Goal 

Governor Hochul has informed us of a statewide goal of  having as many students as possible tested for COVID-19  as school resumes in person on January 3, 2022. There is  no testing mandate for students or staff before our return  to school. 

Rapid Tests 

Beginning January 3, 2022, schools will distribute free;  take-home COVID-19 rapid tests to staff and families  when symptoms appear. These tests help Districts  achieve the mutual goal of keeping children in school. We  will receive an allotment of rapid tests that New York  State has purchased for distribution to our schools in the  coming days. We will coordinate with the Nassau County  BOCES to obtain and distribute these tests. Although  

there is no requirement that families test their children  with these test kits, they are encouraged to do so. Parents  will receive information about retrieving the kits. Students are not allowed to take kits home. 

Regular COVID-19 Testing 

Our regular site-based COVID-19 testing will continue on Thursdays. Testing is available Tuesday, January 4th as  well. 

Updated CDC Quarantine Time 

The Department of Health has adopted the updated CDC  guidance for shortening the recommended isolation  period for certain fully vaccinated individuals from 10  days to 5 days. Specifically, where there is a critical  staffing shortage, to be determined by the District, an  employer may allow an employee to return to work after  day 5 of their COVID-19 isolation period if they meet  certain specific criteria. This shortened period of isolation  only applies to fully vaccinated individuals. There are  other criteria employees will be required to follow if  allowed to return to work before the 10-day isolation  period is complete.  

If the District determines that there is a critical staffing  shortage that requires shortened isolation periods for  certain employees, the District will advise those  employees as to the specific requirements of returning to  work after day 5 of their COVID-19 isolation period. We  are awaiting further information about this and "Test to  Stay." 

Daily Screening Before Entering 

All students, staff, and visitors will continue completing the District's Daily COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire. 


Regardless of vaccination status, as governed by the DOH,  the District will continue the universal masking mandate  by all students, staff, teachers, and visitors. Mask breaks  will not take place. The CDC guidance recommends  

universal masking in schools to keep children in school  and let them be closer together without risking close  contact exposure and quarantines. 

Temperature Checks 

All those entering our buildings will continue to be  required to complete a temperature check. Those with a  temperature above 100.1 degrees will not be admitted.  

Positive Cases + Quarantine 

Principals will continue to follow CDC guidelines for  reporting positive cases and contact tracing to the  District. This data enables informed decisions about  keeping our schools and classrooms open and operating  safely.