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Happy Mother's Day

To our wonderful Roosevelt staff:


I'm extending smiles and hugs for a safe and peaceful Mother's Day to everyone celebrating this weekend. As the Superintendent, I value your willingness to collaborate and engage continuously, allowing us to enhance our curriculum and make the academic experience as comprehensive and accessible as possible.


I have witnessed your care, time, and effort. As a mother, I am humbled and inspired by the strength and perseverance you display. I have so much hope in my heart for the future of our District solely because of the incredible young people we support each day. Our halls are overflowing with compassionate, curious, and strong students. I take comfort in knowing they will maintain the same core values throughout life.


I would also like to take this time to acknowledge those students whose Mother's Day will be observed differently due to the loss of their mother or those who don't have a mother that is present in their lives. To that end, I encourage us also to celebrate those who have stepped up to fulfill the role of being a mother. Our family dynamics look slightly different and should be honored for their uniqueness and beauty. 


Mothers are the heartbeat of the home and the unifying pulse of our District, our families, and our students. Our children's endless support and encouragement have shaped them into the incredible students they are today. Being a mother is a full-time job that doesn't always receive the recognition it deserves, but today, Mother's Day, we honor all mothers and their work to raise the leaders and trailblazers of tomorrow.


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Happy Mother's Day