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Hispanic Heritage Night at the Roosevelt High School

Hispanic Heritage Month at the Roosevelt UFSD during September 15 through October 15 was a time to celebrate diversity, recognize the achievements of Latinos from Latin America and the Caribbean, and build community and collaboration within our classrooms, schools, and our entire learning community. This year, the event afforded our district to not only celebrate Latino culture but to celebrate all cultures while learning about Latin American culture. 
The Roosevelt High School hosted a Hispanic Heritage Night as the grand finale to the district's celebrations. The event included a night of Hispanic music, art, poetry, dance, presentations, and more!
Hispanic Heritage Month at Roosevelt UFSD was cultivated every morning as our Superintendent, Dr. Wortham, acknowledged and highlighted a myriad of world-renowned Hispanic figures in her daily messages. The staff drew inspiration from Dr. Wortham's daily messages to design and foster lessons that not only aligned to the Next Generation Learning Standards but to our District Strategic Plan. Dr. Wortham's message instilled a 'Yes We Can' or 'Si Se Puede' mindset where students and staff are motivated to attain success as students and teachers.  Every school created a safe space to engage and give access to ALL students, ALL staff, and parents to interdisciplinary and culturally responsive learning activities, such as cultural arts and crafts from Latin America, research projects of notable Hispanic figures, and cultural music and dance to inspire fitness and the love of the various genres of Afro-Latino music. In addition, the technology activities promoted and enhanced the positive self-portrayal of our diverse scholars. Students and staff were exposed to the different facets of the Latino culture, knowledge, language, music, and movement skills through hands-on learning. It increased awareness of our beautiful and unique cultures. The staff empowered the students and each other to become proficient and more globally ready.  It has been an academic and cultural journey around the world.